Channel Control


Counterfeit, Fraud, Unauthorized Distribution, Materially Different Product, Copyright & Trademark Infringement Protection on Amazon


Authorized Reseller Policy

Pursuant to the Authorized Reseller Policy, by placing a purchase order for any Cooper Street Product, you agree and commit to sell these products only to authorized resellers. Our Policy aims to protect and maintain Cooper Street Products quality and value to you and your customers. Authorized Resellers are not permitted to sell Cooper Street Products on any third-party E-commerce platforms, such as,,,,,,,,, or, to name a few, without prior written approval from Cooper Street. 

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Why are we doing this?

Over the last few years, we have a discovered huge amount of unauthorized Cooper Street Cookies, LLC product pages and offers. This has resulted in our end consumers getting a poorer quality representation of our product and the damaging of our brand, which has ultimately had a negative effect on sales for our customers. In addition, there are several duplicate ASlNs (Amazon Standard Identification Numbers) of our products being listed on Amazon that lack our standards of customer service, money back guarantees, warranties, and quality standards which has caused confusion with our consumers and a poor brand experience. Removing these fraudulent and/or materially different products and duplicate ASlNs that are violating our IP and the first sale doctrine (causing confusion to the consumer) is critical to sustaining our business long-term.

What if I don’t adhere?

You risk your listings and/or offers getting removed by the Amazon Copyright Infringement Team, Trademark Infringement Team, and/or Brand Registry team. It’s important to note that sellers may or may not get warnings to delist products by Amazon. Thus, this notice serves as the first – and potentially last – warning. If the seller continues to list products, they risk being kicked off seller central permanently and will not be able to sell product of any kind on Amazon. Cooper Street Cookies, LLC has NO control over this.


All sellers will have 10 days from the date of this letter to sell through their inventory and end sales of Cooper Street Cookies, LLC on Amazon.

If there are any questions, or you believe this is not justified please contact