Cooper Street family Elaine Max Sam

The simple power of a cookie to elict smiles was the inspiration. Unsatisfied with all of the big company, junk-filled alternatives, and unwilling to compromise on taste, Michigan mom Elaine Surnow was determined to build a better cookie for her family and friends. Based on a family recipe and made with ingredients you can pronounce, she discovered just the right combination of delicate sweetness, light crunch and old-fashioned goodness to delight cookie lovers of all ages. Today, Elaine and her two sons, Max and Sam, are sharing the smiles one delectable cookie at a time.

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Twice-Baked Cookies

Baked twice for an extra crispy, extra special treat! Just 30 calories per cookie.

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Granola Cookie Bakes

The granola bar that eats like a cookie! Nutrition on-the-go.

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made with wholesome ingredients you can

see and pronounce





pumpkin seeds

rolled oats