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Ensconced in the family’s Colorado cabin located on Cooper Street, Michigan mom, Elaine Surnow, found a generations-old family cookie recipe and began to bake. Unsatisfied with all the big-company, junk-filled alternatives, and unwilling to compromise on taste, she was determined to build a better cookie for family & friends. Using only simple & pure local ingredients and with love and attention to every detail, Elaine baked and sliced and baked again to create a delightfully crisp and light cookie that became an instant holiday smash.

Today, Elaine’s original recipe based on quality ingredients with no nuts, no dairy and nothing artificial is delighting cookie lovers of all ages. With just the right combination of delicate sweetness, light crunch and old-fashioned goodness, Cooper Street Cookies are the perfect accompaniment to your favorite beverage or an indulgent anytime snack without the guilt.




Cooper Street family Elaine Max Sam

Max Elaine Sam

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Cooper Street Story timeline

Cooper Street Timeline

Our family recipe was first documented in a cookbook that has been passed down through multiple Surnow generations.
After years of Elaine (founder & Mom) baking these cookies for family and friends, the family decided once and for all it was time to roll up their sleeves and attempt to make a business out of idea.
The company name was officially selected during a brain-storming session when the 3 founders, Elaine, Sam & Max, who were on vacation in their Colorado cabin. Of course, this cabin is located on Cooper Street and remains a special part of the family today. They were sitting around, eating the cookies and the lightbulb went off. The rest was history!
Our first official product entered the marketplace where we launched with our first flavor and original recipe for the Cinnamon Chocolate Chip.
After years of renting space and scrambling to find ovens, mixers etc, Cooper Street finally decided to build their own small commercial bakery. As our distribution and fan base grew, so did our team! We also launched some other flavors, such as White Chunk Cherry and Michigan Blueberry. At this point we also decided to become an official nut free facility, where we source all our ingredients and supplies from dedicated nut free sources. The company gained distribution in many chains throughout the midwest, including Busch's, Kroger and Sam's Club.
Cooper Street Kids is our way of giving back to the community. The charity donates cookies to children's hospitals around the Metro Detroit area.
The logo was redesigned from the cabin to our trademark red Cooper Street icon. Our package transition to a gusseted bag also took place.
To service our customers looking for soft and chewy cookie and not just light and crunchy, we launched our granola cookie bakes.
Cooper Streets newest and most indulgent product was launched in the fall. Of course it follows our commitment of nut free, dairy free, no soy, and nothing artificial and always delicious!

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